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Based in Paris, and designed by EPITA, we created a fair acceleration program for ambitious early-stage startups lead by hackers:
From the best and turn from a hacker to a founder
Your network meeting successful founders and experts
Your startup and reach product market fit before you die…
43 startups: +200 Jobs created, 5 Exits, +12M€ Raised, 11 Failed
Here's what they say about us:
picture thibault
« It felt like I were learning a job a week! »
picture terence
« They would never tell us what to do... But would ask the right questions »
Terence Brochu
Ad Scientiam
picture arthur
« We used to do everything backwards. We were always starting from the tech... »
Arhtur Davoine
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43 startups, 5 Exits, +12M€ raised, +200 jobs
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